Fresno Area Criminal Lawyers

handcuffsCAUTION: If you are arrested, tell the police the following: “I invoke my 5th Amendment Right to Silence and Right to an Attorney.” Then, DO NOT talk to the police and retain SSD Law Firm immediately.

Have you or a loved one been accused of a serious crime? The best thing a defendant can do for himself is hire the right attorney who can provide proper legal representation. Only an attorney can help you answer the questions that could mean the difference between freedom and custody.

SSD Law Firm can help you with your felony or misdemeanor case, making the process easy for you through this tough and scary time of your life.
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SSD Law Firm can represent you with:
• Drunk Driving and DMV Hearings
• Drugs and Narcotic Cases
• Murder Defense
• Sex Crimes
• Gang Allegations
• Robbery and Burglary Cases
• Juvenile Defense
• Violent Crimes
• Domestic Violence
• White Collar Crimes

SSD Law Firm will review the legalilty of the circumstances by determining if there were any 4th, 5th, or 6th Amendment violations. A few of the pertinent questions are:
• Was there probable cause?
• Was there a search warrant?
• Was there an arrest warrant?
• Was there Miranda Advisements and a waiver?
• Did the government engage in illegal interrogation methods?

For Non-US Citizens, having the right attorney for your criminal case who also has extensive experience in immigration law could mean the difference between staying in the United States with your family and being deported.

Always remember, an arrest is not a conviction and everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

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