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Personal Injury Due to a Motorcycle Accident



There are a few, if any guarantees in this life. Eating healthy does not mean one won’t ever get sick whereas being a safe driver doesn’t mean a person will never be involved in an accident. Accidents are called what they are for a reason, they are unexpected and the only thing to do when it happens is hope for the best. More often than not, those involved in accidents are subject to injuries. Whether it is a fender bender or a head on collision injuries can still happen. Most automobile accidents are clear cut via right of way decisions and are inherently safer compared to motorcycle accidents. Due to the lack of protection riders have against other vehicles and physics, almost every time a motorcyclist is involved in an accident it is very likely for them to be injured. According to the statistics released by the Department of Transportation in 2015, the amount of fatal motorcycle accidents was at 14% of all collisions and the amount of riders injured at 4%. This number is specifically why it is best practice and a requirement to have some kind of insurance before operating a motorcycle. At the very least, riders must be covered for damage liability of physical properties and bodily injuries caused to the other party. 


Your Rightful Compensation

For most people, accidents happen once in a blue moon and are unaware of the protocol following the incident. For starters, check yourself for injury and damages. All of these are to be photographed for reference and proof for when an accident report is filed. Furthermore, it is imperative to exchange important information such as driver’s license details, insurance policies, phone numbers, as well as witness contact information. Call your insurance agent as soon as possible after the incident and in doing so remember to refrain from admitting fault to anyone including your insurance company. If asked about damages and injuries, it is important not to disclose any information until visiting a doctor and professional mechanic. Since it is possible for pain and injuries to show up days after the accident, it is good practice not to underestimate any damages and injuries as that can affect your rightful compensation. 


Contact a Motorcycle Attorney

Lastly and probably the most overlooked step is contacting a motorcycle accident attorney. Things such as false claim of innocence by the other party, insurance claim denial, or other shady incidents can happen. Furthermore an accident attorney is very knowledgeable in regards to obtaining the rightful amount of your claim due to physical injuries and property damages. Fighting a faulty claim against a billion dollar insurance company and their lawyers may quickly become an uphill battle as their experience with legal issues far outweighs most people. With the high probability of injuries and damages happening to motorcyclists, costs for repairs and medical bills are the last thing you want to worry about. There are many factors that come in to play when it comes to accident legal issues, hiring an accident lawyer will make sure that all of your bases are covered.