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What to do when your in a Rideshare Accident?



Being in an auto accident with injuries is complicated. Being in one that involves a ridesharing vehicle is even more complicated. You better contact a personal injury lawyer before even filing an insurance claim. 


With a regular auto accident, you have two insurance companies involved, with each trying to place the blame on the other’s driver. They have to establish the responsible driver, their insurance company has to pay the bills.


The insurance companies also have the responsibility to do it as cheaply as they can. So they will come in and offer settlements to people still in the hospital, even before the full extent of the injuries and costs are known. 


Even the average cost of an emergency room visit because of auto accidents averages $3000. Of those emergency room visits, 8% of these visits are hospitalized. The average hospital charges for an accident’s hospital stay is $69,000 – $100,000. 


What does insurance settlement cover?


When an insurance company settles with you, without an attorney. You are left with the medical costs and physical damages costs. You still need to negotiate with the hospital and the repair places on your own. This almost assures you of an enormous debt. 


You will have a loss of income while in recovery and possible long-term health problems. There may even be a death to deal with. All these problems can cause you to suffer a financial blow, you and your family may never overcome.


With medical expenses as the number one cause of bankruptcy in the United States. You must contact a lawyer right away. They can turn a tragic accident that devastates your life into something the family can survive.